BCGS members Jalenn Ellis and

Nancy Kelsey attended the
Texas State Genealogical Society
annual conference held
October 11-13, 2019, in Houston.


(From left) Jalenn Ellis and Nancy Kelsey

at one of the many sessions they attended during the conference.


(From left) Bill Buckner of the Waco Library with Nancy Kelsey and Jalenn Ellis at the awards banquet.


(From left) Tim de la Vega, owner of H. V. Chapman & Sons in Abilene, Bill Buckner of the Waco Library, and Nancy Kelsey at the awards banquet.


 BCGS members Mary Duke and

Kathy Taylor attended the

Genealogy Roots conference held

October 10-11, 2019, in Sandy, Utah.

At the conference, Mary won a My Heritage DNA kit!

While in Utah, Mary and Kathy also visited the Family History Library, the genealogical arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City.  They spent as much time as possible at the library researching their families.


 Mary and Kathy gathered for a photo with a few of the friends they made during the conference. (From left, front row) Mary Duke, Karen, and Carol; (from left, back row) Marilyn, and Kathy Taylor. 


(From left) conference speaker

Geoff Rasmussen, who is the founder and host of the Legacy Family Tree webinar series and developer of Legacy Family Tree genealogy software, and Kathy Taylor. 


(From left) conference speaker

Lisa Louise Cooke, who is the owner and CEO of Genealogy Gems, and Kathy Taylor.


(From left) Mary Duke and Kathy Taylor enjoyed the fall color while on a break from the conference and their genealogy research.



At the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, from left, Mary Duke and Kathy Taylor with a group of women from Austin.


A look at some of the Family History Library's collection of more than 350,000 books.


A research room at the

Family History Library - the largest genealogical library in the world. 





From left, Linda Judd, Nancy Kelsey, Jalenn Ellis, and Richard Trautman.

At the "Writing Your Family History Workshop" in Waco on March 16, 2019

BCGS members Jalenn Ellis, Linda Judd, Nancy Kelsey, and Richard Trautman attended the workshop, co-sponsored by the Central Texas Genealogical Society, to learn about writing a family history.  Tim de la Vega and Bill Buckner were among the presenters.  Also attending was Bill's father Tom Buckner.


From left, Tim de la Vega, owner of H. V. Chapman & Sons in Abilene, and Bill Buckner of the Waco Library.


At right, Linda Judd and a fellow attendee look over class notes.


Tom Buckner and Jalenn Ellis.


BCGS members attended the Williamson County Genealogical Society's annual seminar in Round Rock on March 16, 2019.  Pictured from left:  Gloria Harris, Judy Tyler, Carole Owen, and Kathy Taylor.  Mary Duke also attended the event. 


Recently elected officers for the Bell County Historical Commission include (front row from left) Kathy Taylor, treasurer;  Nancy Kelsey, chairperson; Jalenn Ellis, corresponding secretary; (back row from left) Gloria Harris, reporter; Sandy Wicker, recording secretary; and Judy Tyler, assistant chairperson.  Taylor, Kelsey, Ellis, Harris, and Tyler are members of BCGS.



Members enjoyed fun and good food at our 2018 Christmas party.


Richard Trautman conducted the drawing and presented prizes during our 2018 Christmas party.  Donnie Yeilding received the grand prize - free BCGS membership for one year.


Texas State Cemetery, December 15, 2018. Member Nancy Kelsey traveled to Austin with the ladies of Betty Martin Chapter NSDAR and participated in the annual National Wreaths Across America Day at the cemetery.


 Members Nancy Kelsey (left) and Ginny Parsons with Bill Buckner at the Texas State Genealogical Society book awards ceremony in San Antonio on November 3, 2018.  The society awarded Kelsey and Parsons the grand prize for their book "Empresario's Son:  E. S. C. Robertson of Salado."  Buckner chairs the awards committee. 


(From left) Ginny Parsons, Bill Buckner, Kathy Taylor, and Nancy Kelsey during the Texas State Genealogical Society's 2018 conference in San Antonio.


(From left) Ginny Parsons, Nancy Kelsey, and Kathy Taylor at the Texas State Genealogical Society's 2018 conference in San Antonio.


 On October 19, 2018, BCGS members (from left) Nancy Kelsey, Kathy Taylor, Judy Tyler, Paula Roberts, and Jalenn Ellis attended the 18th Annual Genealogy Lock-in held at West Waco Library and Genealogy Center in Waco.​


Billy Wiseman, author of Descendants of Thomas Wiseman; 1750-9 Oct. 1825 Edgefield County, South Carolina, generously donated a copy of the unbound manuscript to Temple Public Library, and Bell County Genealogical Society sponsored binding the document in to a two-volume set of books.  At the regular meeting of the society on October 16, Nancy Kelsey presented the newly bound books to library representatives Paula Roberts and Liz Smith.  Pictured (from left) are Roberts, Kelsey, and Smith.


BCGS members Nancy Kelsey, Gloria Harris, Judy Tyler, Terry Tyler, and
Jalenn Ellis recently attended a meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


BCGS members Mary Duke, Nancy Kelsey, and Kathy Taylor attended the Austin Genealogical Society's Seminar featuring speaker Blaine Bettinger, the
Genetic Genealogist, in Austin on
May 11 and 12, 2018.  Pictured (from left) are Duke, Kelsey, Bettinger, and Taylor. 


At the Bell County Historical Commission meeting in Belton on April 23, 2018, are (from left) Brett Whitesell, Bell County Sheriff's Work Release Program; Shirley Holleman, BCHC Chair; and BCHC Cemetery Committee members

Nancy Kelsey, Jalenn Ellis,
Judy Tyler, Terry Tyler, and Kathy Taylor.  The Sheriff's Office works with the committee to clear and maintain cemeteries throughout the county.  Ellis, Kelsey, Taylor, and the Tylers are also members of BCGS.